Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Leadership Week: Pyramid Building

This week the year 7's were learning about leadership. Leadership means working together talking and having a leader because everything would't be fine without a leader to control and help our teams. l was working with Chavda, Avalon and Neveah. We worked together as a group to complete our challenges set. The first activity challenge we had was to write down and answer the questions we were given. l was the leader of my group and l was trying to help others and tell them if they need help. The next thing we did was go inside the hall and do our next leadership challenge as a group for this activity we needed all of our craft stuff in each groups then we sat away from each groups we had to try and create the biggest pyramid out of coloured paper, Scissors, and White paper. Those were the things we needed for our challenge. The last group challenge we did was we played a game that would help us work as a team this challenge was called tunnel crawling we had to go underneath people's legs and stomach to get to the other side of the hall it was hard put we worked as a team to  lost of the first round the next round we won.  

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