Wednesday, 14 November 2018

CARE Awards: Silver Attitude | Teaching The Class

For the last two weeks on a Friday, Alex, Miki, Sanujan and I taught our class. What did we teach them you may ask? We taught them how to draw, and will be running classes each Friday afternoon. In these lessons, there will be two session running at once. The expert sessions, and the beginner sessions. Sanujan is teaching the expert group, and giving them a few challenges, while Miki, Alex and I are teaching the beginners, and running them through the basics. We have gone through 2 sessions now, and both of which have gone right on track. The first session went great, we set up our groups, and got right to teaching. We started off by testing their skill. We all asked them to find a cartoon image of a rock on Google, and to trace the outline. Although before we did that, we made sure to teach them one thing. That thing being how to tell which tool to use when tracing. We taught them that you use the curve tool for curved edges, and the polyline tool for straight edges. We then set them off. We gave them around 20 - 30 minutes to complete their drawing, and would then review what they had done. The second session went just as great. We ran through a few reminders, and let everyone draw what they want as practice. Although this has not been it. Not too long ago, Alex, Sanujan, Mrs Anderson and I all visited Tamaki College to teach these same things to older students. This task was just as fun as teaching who we already knew. It was fun hanging out with these students, and getting to know what they liked through what they drew. Hopefully we can continue all of these animation classes, and find new ways and techniques to teach anyone who is willing to learn digital art and animation.

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