Friday, 9 November 2018

Armistice Day Commemoration

Today, we had our whole school armistice day commemoration. This was not a time to mess around. It was a time to be respectful, and show appreciation. The commemoration started off with the singing of the national anthem, and a karakia to go with it. (A karakia is a Maori prayer). Next, we all faced our school flag, as Last Post, and Reveille played in the background. Once these two songs passed, we had a whole minute of silence. This minute represented the time you had, to remember the lost fighters, in addition, what they fought for. The minute ended, and we all sat back down. A few days earlier, we had all signed our names on a large wooden poppy, which would soon be placed against a fence, by two people from each class. In the end, from LS2 it was Mele and I who were chosen. We then placed the poppy, and sat back down. All together, the whole school and teachers, along with the principle, and three members from the school board of trustees team, and even a Lieutenant from the New Zealand army, who we cannot give the name of for personal reasons. After the commemoration was over, the Lieutenant came to some of our classes to answer any questions we had. We had a few questions to ask, although not a whole heap. The basic, "How long have you been in the army?" "How old are you?" and other questions like that. It was a respectful time, and I am glad that nothing out of the ordinary happened.

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