Wednesday, 28 November 2018

CARE Awards: Silver Attitude | Created With My Teacher

For the final activity for my Silver Attitude CARE Award, I chose to do the created with my teacher activity. For this activity, what I chose to do was teach my teacher Mrs Anderson. What may that be you may ask? Well I taught Mrs Anderson how to green / blue screen using the iMovie application. This application allows you to as well as green / blue screening different videos and images, create movies. The way I taught her how to edit was by using our class film entry for this year’s Manaiakalani Film Festival. A time to showcase almost every classes learning over the year all throughout Manaiakalani schools. The movie that our class created was a documentary style movie teaching people about the history of the Panmure Bridge. This movie, Alex, Sanujan, Mrs Anderson, Mr Wong and I spent about half of term 3 planning, recording, and editing. It was a lot of fun, and we enjoyed learning about all of the history involved in the Bridge that I cross everyday to get to school. Mrs Anderson had never used iMovie to green / blue screen before, so she wanted to learn how.  Although I did not teach her alone. I had Sanujan by my side making sure that I was directing her correctly. In the end Mrs Anderson was a master at green / blue screening, and added plenty of new touches to make this movie the best it could be. Hopefully next year, we can do an awesome movie like this again.

The Movie Itself

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