Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Reading: Book Week | Reading Pathway

This week is book week for Panmure Bridge School. What we are doing for this week are a few challenges based on the books that we have read in our past. For today's challenge, we had to go down memory lane, and create a DLO that showed our favourite books as a kid. Ageing from when we started school, to our favourite book now. This activity was fairly easy, although it got hard from time to time to remember which books we read as a kid. In the end, it was fun to remember what we used to like as a kid, and comparing those stories to what we like now. Out of all of these books, I believe that the Captain Underpants series is my all time favourite, as I have read every book in the series, along with the Dogman series, and the Ook and Gluk story. All stories written by Dav Pilkey.

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