Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Animation Class: Teaching Tamaki College How To Draw

Today, Alex, Sanujan and I visited Tamaki College to teach a group of students how to draw using Google Drawing, and Slides. There were in the end 5 students in the class, with 3 teachers (Two in the image, and the third taking the picture). We were there for roughly an hour, and had so much fun teaching the students. The first thing that we did was introduce the curve tool to the students. You may ask, "What is the curve tool?" Well, the curve tool is a drawing tool / technique to draw curved lines or shapes. We then went step by step showing a demonstration on how to draw a simple and cute panda. While that was going on, Sanujan would walk around and see if everyone was on track. This continued for the majority of the lesson, and involved a lot of laughs, and enjoyment. There may event be a second session in the future. Although we are sure that that will not be too far away.



  1. Thank you very much Jack for coming to Tamaki College to share your knowledge. You spoke very clearly and you were also very confident standing at the front delivering your presentation. Our Whare Manaaki students enjoyed their learning experience with you all. Than you Ms Anderson for bringing your students to Tamaki College.

  2. Hello Mrs Pamaka,
    I really appreciate you spending your time to comment on my blog. Thank you for the complement, I along with Alex and Sanujan had a lot of fun teaching the students, and hope that one day the three of us could come back to the class and run a part two of the lessons.

    Thank you,

    - Jack