Friday, 7 December 2018

Presenting Our Leader Speeches

For the past 2 weeks, the 2018 year 7's of Panmure Bridge school have been preparing a speech to show that they have the leadership qualities to make them the next leader for 2019. There are 4 roles that a year 7 can take responsibility of, the head student role, Manaiakalani leaders, the sports leaders, and the projector monitor.  I wanted to become head boy or just in case, Manaiakalani leader. This blog post shows an image of my presentation, and includes the entirety of my speech at the very end.

Head Boy Speech

Kia Ora koutou katoa, Ko Toku ingoa ko Jack, Whakaaro ahau he tika ahau mo te upoko
ākonga rangatira. My name is Jack, and I believe that I have the leadership qualities to make
me your next head boy or Manaiakalani leader for 2019. Ever since my first year at this
school, I have looked up to each and every school leader, whilst it was the head students that
I looked up to in particular.

Seeing them present every week allowed me to see them as role models that I could follow.
I believe that the head student role shows trust, and I think that I hold that trust from both
students, and staff. Being trustworthy is a reputation I am proud that I have earnt. Trust is
not something that you can ask for, you work for trust, and gain it overtime. Without trust,
you are limited in what you can do. Without trust you cannot be seen as a good leader.

I try hard to always follow our CARE values and am always happy to take on responsibility.
I enjoy learning and always try my best to set goals for myself so I can try to move my
learning to the next level. I think that these qualities make me a great leader. Leading by
example is one of the most important parts of being any leader, and I think that I hold that
trait well.

I have taken part in both the Summer and Winter Learning Journey multiple times. I have
been a part of different teams that involve different challenges and activities. These teams
involve our athletics team, and the Robotics team representing our school. I have been
available to help both my teachers, and my peers by helping to make a movie for the
Manaiakalani film festival, presenting in assembly on behalf of the head students. I have
taught Tamaki College students how to draw using Google Drawing. I have taught LS2 how
to draw using Google Drawing, and am now helping design different images for the 2019
LS2 Website. I am capable of being an ambassador for Panmure Bridge School, or a part of
the Digital Showcase team, and with all of this experience and teamwork I would make a
great leader in 2019.

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