Monday, 17 December 2018

Summer Learning Journey: Week 1 | Day 1 | Activity 1

Today, I completed the first activity for day 1, week 1 for the Summer Learning Journey. For this activity, we had to go to the Fun Facts About New Zealand website, and find 3 interesting facts to blog. This challenge was fairly easy, but I found a few things out, while knowing the rest.

Fact 1: In New Zealand, you must drive on the left side rather than the right.

Fact 2: The largest city in New Zealand is Auckland, although it isn't that capital.

Fact 3: There are no snakes in the country.


  1. Hi Jack
    I like how you did a blog post about New Zealand and how you add three fact about New Zealand. I find your fact interesting because the first fact I did not know that we had to drive on the left side rather than the right. I find the third fact interesting because I thought that there will be snake in New Zealand but there not.
    Keep It up Jack

  2. Kia ora Jack,

    Welcome to the Summer Learning Journey! You probably remember me from when I spoke to you all in assembly. I will be reading and commenting on your blog posts this summer.

    Thanks for sharing these great facts about New Zealand with me. I once saw a snake in Australia and it was so scary. Do you think snakes are scary?

    Keep up the awesome work! I will talk to you again in your next post.



  3. Hi, Jack what a great start for the Summer Learning Journey! I really like how you wrote down the 3 facts about New Zealand and you followed the task. I also like how you explained what you have to do.

    Joshua, Have a Nice Summer

  4. Hi Jack,
    Good to see you participating in the Summer Learning Journey. It's weird how some countries drive on one side whilst other countries drive on the other, do you think it'd be easier for everyone if everybody drove on the same side of the road?
    Keep posting!