Monday, 17 December 2018

Summer Learning Journey: Week 1: Day 2 | Activity 2

Today, I completed activity 2 of week 1 for the Summer Learning Journey. For this activity, I needed to find 3 different New Zealand Sports Teams that included the word "Fern" in their name. Along with that, we needed an image of their team wearing their uniform next to the name. This activity was not too hard, although it was a challenge to find a third team as I was left for a solid 2 minutes searching for a team.


  1. Hi there Jack

    Great start to you blogging. I am impressed that you stuck to it and found the third team even though it was tricky. Dedication is such a great quality!

    What was your favourite out of all the uniforms? I am a fan of the Silver Ferns’ uniform because I think it looks very neat and tidy and it is simple.

    I like the clear images that you have chosen to use for this post. They are very clear and perfectly show what each team wears. Remember, when we use pictures from the internet we need to credit (name) the website that we got them from. We do this so people know who took the photos. It can be tricky at first so I’ve included a link that you can use to help you.

    Keep it up!

  2. Once again Jack,
    What a nice DLO there Jack. I like how you put the Photos and the text next to the pictures. This can help us see which picture belongs to which.

    Joshua, Have a Nice Summer

  3. Hi Jack,
    New Zealand sports team uniforms look really nice right? If you could be in one of those teams, which one would you be in?
    Keep posting!