Monday, 17 September 2018

Writing: Explanations | Why Are Bridges Built?

Last week for writing, our task was to write an explanation explaining why bridges are built. Everyone had an idea why they are built due to our inquiry topic of structures, so this piece of writing was almost a piece of cake to complete. In my explanation, you can read 3 different sections relating to why these massive structures are built. 1. What we would do without them? 2. What are they used for? 3. What are some negatives about them. I hope that you enjoy my writing.

Why Are Bridges Built?

Bridges, big and brilliant structures that started the modern era of transport. Thousands,
upon millions of people cross bridges daily to get to their new found destinations.
Although not many people think, why we need them. A question that would leave you at
the edge of your seat, requesting an answer. Bridges are built so that you can get from
point A to point B. So that transport is a lot faster, and a lot safer.

To start us off, what would we do without bridges? This is quite a complex question to
answer, as bridges go over many different things. Some bridges cross bodies of water,
some cross caverns and pits, and others go over construction. An example would be;
around in 1857, people had to cross the Tamaki using a punt. This small platform leaked
constantly, and had to be repaired a lot. In a few years time, the local community were
getting furious at the government for doing nothing over the actions people took. So it
inspired them to write a petition asking for a bridge to be built over this river. Then thus
the first ever Panmure Bridge had been made. Although this text is not about the history
of bridges, so we must move on.

Secondly, what are bridges used for? These structures may just look like they are for
transportation to get from one point to another. Although bridges are used for quite a few
things in life. The most obvious and notable reason would be to cross from point A, to
point B. To go over obstacles, rather than going around them. Although this is not it,
some bridges have sidewalks that allow you to walk across, rather than using modern day
vehicles. So some people use these sidewalks to their advantage to get a good view on
scenery, and all of the nearby nature. Although this is not the main intention of a bridge,
but there are still people that enjoy doing it.

Finally, what are some negatives about bridges? As amazing and as mesmerising these
structures are, they are not always the most beneficial things in our world. A big problem
with bridges is that if they go over water, they could potentially block off the path of
boats. So this is where architects have to improvise. Some bridges have cogs that turn
and will divide the bridge so that it creates an opening for boats.

Bridges, big and brilliant sources of transportation. We use them to: get to destinations
easier, to go over obstacles rather than going around them, and to even observe our
surroundings. We need bridges in our world. Without them, the world simply wouldn’t be
the same.

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