Sunday, 16 September 2018

Reading: ShoutyKid | Creating A Game

For the last two weeks, Mrs Anderson's reading group has been focusing on a specific chapter of our choice to do a series of challenges on based on the topic of our stories. These activities could've been done either alone, or with a partner (As long as we both had our own copies of the same book, or we set up a time to read it together. I chose to do this challenge alone, as I prefer to do activities like this one by myself. Although it was fun to see what partners had created together. For this activity I could have done many different challenges such as create a trailer for a movie version of your book. Although what I chose to do was create a game that was based around a part of our book. My game that I created was basically a zombie game based on my main characters favourite game (World Of Zombies). In this game, you will have to last as long as you can against the zombies that are after one thing. YOU! The main point of this game is to beat your time and kill record. It was fun for me to create, and I hope that you enjoy playing it.


  1. This is fantastic Jack! I love your creative approach to our learning and enjoyed playing your game. I'm looking forward to reading everyone's feedback once they've tried your game.

    1. Hello Mrs Anderson,
      Thank you so very much for commenting on my blog. I really do appreciate your use of time to check out what I have been doing lately. I'm so happy that you enjoyed playing my game that I have spent so much time putting together. I hope that I can gain the opportunity to create another spectacular game once again.

      - Jack