Thursday, 6 September 2018

Seeing the Kiwi Capers Orchestra

Today, a large majority of LS2 was given one of the greatest opportunities. Our class was given the chance to listen to the Kiwi Capers Orchestra in the Auckland town hall. This was an amazing opportunity that was given to us, and I'm sure that everyone enjoyed taking part in it. While everything was going on, we ended up hearing three different pieces of music, and four different sections of instruments. There were many different instruments that were played here, too many to keep track of. There were many different musicians, and at least 2 people playing each instrument. It came to the point where we had a Opera singer, and two different dance performances. The show lasted for 1 and a half hours - 2 hours long, and it was a very soothing, and evaluated performance. I did have a lot of fun there, seeing the performance, and listening to the great orchestra. I hope that I will have this opportunity in the future, and that there will be even more instruments, and more music.

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