Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Inquiry: Using Virtual Reality To Learn

Today, a group of researchers from the Augmented human lab at the University of Auckland, visited our classroom to use virtual reality to teach us about the history of our local Panmure Bridge. Yvonne, and her team brought with them numerous VR Cardboard's, and a few Magic Windows. Although sadly not everyone got to experience everything, but before any of us got to jump into the wonders of virtual reality we all had to do a few tests. These tests involved tests for our eyesight, our balance, and more. One of the tests in particular was based around our knowledge. We had to (Without researching) answer a few questions based around our Panmure Bridge. Although we did not work alone. Everyone had been put into table groups, and we would work together to solve problems, and dive into the depths of Virtual learning. Right after we finished our tests, we finally got into the land of virtual reality. My group started off by using a few iPads to learn about both how the construction of the bridge went, and how letters were sent before the bridge existed. This activity lasted for at least 10 minutes, and involved a whole lot of entertainment. Once completed, we would then revisit the tests that we had done before, and would redo it now that our brains had been refreshed with knowledge. We all had a lot of fun doing these exercises based around the technology of virtual reality. I give a big thanks to Yvonne and her team for the effort they had put into this. They have all done a good job, and I hope that one day they will return.

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