Sunday, 16 September 2018

Reading: ShoutyKid | Write A Paragraph About Why The Author Wrote The Story

For the last two weeks, Mrs Anderson's reading group has been focusing on a specific chapter of our choice to do a series of challenges on based on the topic of our stories. These activities could've been done either alone, or with a partner (As long as we both had our own copies of the same book, or we set up a time to read it together. I chose to do this challenge alone, as I prefer to do activities like this one by myself. Although it was fun to see what partners had created together. For this activity, I wrote a few paragraphs that explained why the author wrote the story, and who they wrote it for. This activity was fairly simple, although it was an interesting activity to complete.

Why Did The Author Write This Story?

The author wrote this story to entertain people with an average child never giving up,
and succeeding in what he struggles with. There is no persuasive side of the text, as the
story is based on a fictional character who does not intend on changing someone's mind
on a certain topic.

Who is the story written for?

The story is written for children aged from 8 - 13. The reason being that our main
character (Harry Riddles) has a lot of common interests with a lot of children around the world.
Such as playing video games.

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