Friday, 7 July 2017

Maths: Measuring Weight

L.I: to measure the weight of a person with a scale.

This week for maths we learnt a bit about measuring weight. So what we did as an activity was to measure each person in Mr Wongs maths groups by weight, and put them all on a spread-sheet. We then got into groups of 4, and had to do these challenges. The first challenge was to simply add four peoples weights together to see what they together weigh. The second challenge was to find the weight of a gorilla, and add peoples weights together to the closest you could get to a gorillas weight. The third challenge was to find the weight of a Boeing 737, and combine weights to get as close to the Boeing's weight as possible . The last challenge was to think of 2 things, find the weight of them, and add people together to make that weight.

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