Thursday, 6 July 2017

Tamaki Wrap Activity

Today we did an activity with the Tamaki Wrap group. They talk about plastics, and how they effect the environment. We were set up into 4 groups, and each group did a different activity.
Each activity explained what plastic is doing to our world we live in. There was an activity where we learnt about how much rubbish Auckland itself produces a week, it turns out that Auckland can fill and entire AFL STADIUM! 
Another activity talked about plastic in our oceans, specifically what they do and how they get in there. We learnt about how turtles eat our plastic thinking it's food, later on they can die.
The third activity Tamaki Wrap did with us was learning about how we can use things like plastic bags again for other uses.

The last activity we did with Tamaki Wrap was to make a poster about images around us that don't contain any plastic.

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