Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey: Day 3 | Activity 1

For the first activity of day 3 for the Winter Learning Journey, we had to pretend that we adopted an animal from This Place, and write on our blogs about them. I chose a brown kiwi, and here are some facts about them.

Eats: insects, worms, spiders, grubs and berries.

Lives: North Island of New Zealand.

Females are lager than males.

Predators: Cats, Dogs, Possums, Hedgehogs, Rodents, Weasels.


  1. Hi Jack
    Great job on this activity. Is the brown kiwi a common type of kiwi? Also, where in the North Island do they live (E.g: forests, bushes)? Well done.

  2. Hi Jack. The facts you have provided about the Brown Kiwi are amazing. I did not know that Female Brown Kiwi's are bigger than male ones. Keep on working hard.

  3. Hi Jack
    Nice facts! I like how you said that females are bigger than males. Do you think the females use their size to boss the males around?
    Great work

  4. Hello Jack, the facts you have provided are awesome. Wow, I didn't know that female Brown Kiwi's are bigger than males. Keep up the fantastic work.