Thursday, 13 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey: Day 7 | BONUS ACTIVITY + What I Have Learnt

Throughout this week I've had a lot of fun learning about New Zealand, and especially loved sharing what I did on my blog. Each day of learning I had so much fun and did so many exiting activities and challenges. This could not have been possible if Rachel (The creator of this activity) decided not to start this awesome program. Commenting was just as much of fun knowing I can see how people have done what I have also, but differently.


  1. Kia ora Jack,

    It is wonderful to read that you enjoyed the Winter Learning Journey programme. It has been a pleasure to read your blogs and I know that Nicky has really enjoyed commenting on your blogs. You and all of the awesome bloggers at PBS have been keeping her really busy. Awesome!

    I hope that you have learned a bit about New Zealand and that you will return to Term 3 at Panmure Bridge school ready to share your learning with your teachers. I know that Mr Ogilvie and Mr Wong will be really keen to hear all about your adventures this holiday!

    I'm looking forward to seeing you when I come into PBS early in Term 3 with the certificates and prizes.

    See you in a few weeks!!


  2. Hi Jack. Congratulations on completing the Winter Learning Journey. It's great to find out you have enjoyed participating in the Winter Learning Journey. I am looking forward to seeing your Summer Learning Journey posts, this Summer.

  3. Hello Jack
    Congratulations on finishing all of the Winter learning journey activities. I learnt a lot about different things from you, and I reckon you also learnt heaps. Well done.

  4. Hi Jack
    I had a lot of fun with this too! Great job on finishing, will you do the summer learning journey when it's on?
    Great job

  5. Hello Jack, it is really great to see that you had lots of fun. What was your favourite activity to completed? You have done an amazing job this holidays.