Friday, 1 June 2018

Tech: DigiTech Session 1

This week for tech, we began on our first session of DigiTech for the year 7's. Ms Anderson is our DIgiTech teacher, and she is really nice, with a great personality. This term for DigiTech, we are focusing on coding an animated story with Scratch. A small but large website that allows you to make billions of coded item. For instance games, animations, and more. Although before heading into that, we played a small game that included basic coding. It was based on the Disney animated movie Moana. I have not seen this movie, but know the small details about it. In this game, our task was to make it to a certain position through coding our way through. There were 19 levels to play through, although most people made it through around 11 levels, although I made it through 15. We all had a lot o fun for our first session of DigiTech, and I personally can't wait to begin on our Scratch project, as I know how to code with it. I hope that session 2 has even more to bring.

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  1. i did something similar to this in tech as well i used scratch i don't really like computer tech but that's just my opinion