Friday, 22 June 2018

DigiTech: Week 4 | Finishing Our Animated Stories

Today, we had our fourth session of DigiTech. In this session, we needed to complete our animated story that we started in week 2. This story is an example of an animated story that I recreated using Scratch. If I could do this task again, I wouldn't change a thing about it, as I am really happy with the turnout, and it's comparison to other peoples work.

The components used to recreate this story include:

Sprites (For Characters).
Backdrops (For backgrounds).
Dialogue (So sprites can speak to each other).

The codes that I used to recreate this story include:

  • Event scripts (To begin the story). 
  • Event scripts (To start the next sequence).
  • Look scripts (To allow the sprites to talk). 
  • Look scripts (To change the backdrops).
  • Control scripts (To put pauses into our animation).
  • Motion (To move the sprites).

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