Friday, 15 June 2018

Tech: DigiTech Project - Initial Planning

Today we had our third session of DigiTech. In this session, we were to complete the following tasks:

Context Brainstorm
Conceptual Statement - To Be Completed Next Week
Planning Timeframes

Although before we began working on any of those tasks, we first started off with a Kahoot to refresh our memory with what we will be doing whenever we visit DigiTech. Following that, we moved onto our tasks for this session. We started off by creating a Content Brainstorm. The purpose of the Content Brainstorm is to show nearby locations in Tamaki that we could add into an animated story. Next came the Conceptual Statement. The purpose of the Conceptual Statement is to explain why we are creating this animated story, and what our main target of age groups are. Finally, the Planning Timeframe. The purpose as to why we have done the Planning Timeframe is to sort our different tasks into groups of topics when it comes to showing what we are doing. For example, Planning, Researching, and Evaluating. It also includes the estimated time as to how long it took for us to complete a certain task.

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