Thursday, 14 June 2018

KiwiCan | Week 7

Today at 9:15, group A visited room 7 to have our week 7 session of KiwiCan. Again, our Value has changed. It was previously about Role Modules, although it has now changed to Accountability. The definition of Accountability is to show responsibility to your actions, and be honest, and show integrity. But what does Accountability look like for Panmure Bridge School. As a class, we talked abut it, and we think that it means to come to school prepared. (Bringing a charged computer, coming to school on time, and being an Agent Of Change). After KiwiCan, we right away have KiwiSport. So it is also important to bring your P.E gear, and deodorant. Coming to school early to school when we have tech, and managing ourselves when it comes to finishing work. After a small chat about what Accountability is, we moved onto a few games. As this weeks energiser, we played a game called Copy Me. To play this game, you will get into 4 even groups. Next you will choose a leader to represent your group. This person will run to either of our KiwiCan teachers, Mr Matt and Miss Lily. Then they will give you a playing card. With this card you will run back to your group, and say the card. Next you will do a specific action according to the type of card. On the white board, there will be a list of actions to do, followed by a number. If the number on your card matched one of the numbers on the board, then you and your group would have to do the action next to your number. This was a fun activity, although the next one just happened to be even better. Our next activity was called Two Truths, One Lie. In this game, you will come up with three scenarios. Two of which must be true, while the remaining one must be a lie. Although the twist was that these all have to be about you. Not everyone got a turn in this activity, but I was lucky enough to be able to participate. The three scenarios I chose was, I once stole a lolly when I was 3, I have broken at least 1 bone, and I have never left the North Island of New Zealand. Can you guess which one was a lie? The answer is that I have NEVER broken a bone, meaning that the second scenario was FALSE. We then finished off the lesson with a round of GKQ. The game of General Knowledge. To play everyone get's into a circle, and will battle against someone with their brain. They will be asked a question, and the first to answer correctly would win.

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