Thursday, 7 September 2017

Tongan Language Week Activity: Tongan Numbers 1 - 12

This week is Tongan Language Week, so to celebrate, we learnt about basic Tongan. We had get into groups, with one person who considers themselves as a expert at speaking Tongan. We were all put into groups, and the group I was is was with Kaitlyn (our expert), Aung naing, Xavier, Angela, Peter, and Joel. Our task was to with a partner, create a DLO about Tongan numbers, Tongan greetings, singing happy birthday, maths words, the Tongan national anthem, or a recipe. I worked with Aung naing, and we did Tongan numbers from 1 to 12. The Tongan numbers to 12 are, Taha, Ua, Tolu, Fa, Nima, Ono, Fitu, Valu, Hiva, Hongofulu, Tahataha, Taha ua. What me and Aung naing did was show the number in english, then the number is Tongan, and create images duplicated corresponding to the number.


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