Friday, 15 September 2017

Maths: Transformation Artwork

L.I: to create a piece of art using: rotation, translation, and reflection.

This week for maths, our must do was to create a piece of mathematical artwork. Since we planned out our artwork last week (On This Post), it was now time to create the piece of art. As I wrote on my maths blogpost from last week, we needed to chose what colours we would use, mine being red, green, and blue. My design I chose was a Koru design, with translation at the top, rotation in the middle, and reflection at the bottom of my art. One thing that we needed, was for each colour to have 2 light colours on dark, and 1 dark colour on light. Our artwork was done with, paint, dye (With crayon), and Pastels.

Real Artwork: 


  1. Hi jack What do Translate Rotation Reflection mean
    and how did you do it with.why did you do it keep up the good work and work hard

  2. Greetings Jack
    I love how you set out your maths this is top job keep up the good work.