Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Maths: Whole Group Challenge

L.I: to problem solve

This week for maths, we had to complete our problem solving challenge. As I explained on my maths post I did last week, if one person failed, everyone failed. To stop this from happening, we had to make sure everyone understood the learning. Unfortunatly, we failed, and quite a few people didn't understand the learning, and the required knowledge you needed to solve sertain problems. Although, most people did try their best, and a majority of the group completed this task. There was 4 people who were tested for their knowledge, and 4 people who were randomly chosen to shoe the teacher their work. Some of the tested people did solve the problem they were given, and some didn't. From this challenge, we've learnt about why working together is really important, and we also learnt about how to solve problems.

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