Friday, 1 September 2017

KiwiCan: Week 6 Session Of KiwiCan

This week for KiwiCan, we learnt about self control. We did two games for this session, Bip Bop Bounce, and Hand Circle. To play Bip Bop Bounce you need to get into a circle, and one person with be in the middle. The centre person would point at any person around them, and either say Bip Bop Bounce, or Bounce. If the phrase Bip Bop Bounce is said, whoever is pointed at will have to say bang before the phrase is finished, although when you're pointed at and just the word bounce is said, you have to stay quiet. To play Hand Circle, everyone needed to lay down on their stomachs in a circle. You would need to lift your right hand, and place it over the person to your right hands, left hand. You would then need to lift your left hand, and wrap it over the person to your left hands, right hand. Then someone with tap the ground, and then the person to their right or left would have to tap the ground as well, going all around the circle until each hand has touched the ground. If someone taps the ground too early, then the person would have to put that hand behind their back.

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