Friday, 8 September 2017

Maths: Mathematical Transformation Artwork

L.I: to create a piece of art using rotation, translation, and reflection.

This week for maths, we had to create a plan for a piece of mathematical artwork. Next week we will be creating this artwork, but for this week, planning was our goal. We needed to involve rotation, translation, and reflection in our artwork, using a design of our choice. We also needed to chose what colours we would use, mine being red, green, and blue. My design I chose was a Koru design, with translation at the top, rotation in the middle, and reflection at the bottom of my art. One thing that we needed, was for each colour to have 2 light colours on dark, and 1 dark colour on light. Our pattern design needed to go, for example, 1 green in a corner, one red in the opposite corner, two reds closest to the green, two greens closest to the red, and three blues going through the middle.

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