Friday, 1 September 2017

KiwiSport: KiwiSport Week 6

This week for KiwiSport, we learnt about how to properly jump when doing high jump. We learnt the skills, scissor kick action, slightly bent knees, toes pointing up, left arm left leg right arm right leg, and to have our arms going high up. First we started practising our skills over painted lines on the courts, and then we went to the next step. Jumping over mini high jump poles. We could chose how high we wanted the rod to jump over, and I decided to challenge myself by almost going to the highest the rod can go. Me, and the other people that went to a high settings made it over the bar, and we all cheered on each other to try it.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jack
    Wow jack congratulation for jumping that high. You really did beileave in your self. I think maybe if get a chance to you could do it even higher. Was it hard jumping over the rod?. great job jack and keep up the great learning.