Thursday, 31 August 2017

Reading: Possum Problem Poster

L.I: to separate fact from opinion
L.I: to identify the main ideas in a text

This week for reading, we read a text talking about why possums are a problem to New Zealand. As an activity to this topic we had to either agree with the text, or disagree with it. With our opinion for this topic, we had to create a poster that showed our point of view, and our reasons for what we think. In my poster I included that I think possums should be gone. My reason for this is within the poster


  1. Great work Jack, this sums up your opinion well with facts to back it up. I like the originality of your logo too, a nice personal touch.

  2. Greetings Jack

    I love your work. You are doing some great work and I think this is some next level writing there is nothing wrong so keep up the good work.

  3. Greetings Jack!
    Great job on making that possum! It looks really cool, I like how you made it look like ghost busters and also how you had the possum with the sign. I have a few questions though, Do you think that possums know that they're exterminating native and endangered species? Is it not the fault of the people who wanted them to come to New Zealand in the first place's? Also how long did it take to make that possum? And how did you get your inspiration?
    Great job on this you put some great facts on too!