Thursday, 31 August 2017

Writing: 1 Minute Technology Speech

L.I: Having a point of view and constructing an argument.
L.I: Structure of an argument
This week for writing, we started making small speeches as for preparation to our real speech we'll be presenting to the school. Our must do was to create a speech that we hypothetically agreed, or disagreed with. Our topic for this speech was whether we should have technology in schools, and to make my speech more interesting, I chose to make mine about why we shouldn't have technology in school, even though I am one of the many people that use technology a lot of the time. Our speech needed to include our point of view to the topic, and why it is a bad / good thing to possibly be changed.

Link To My Speech Video Video Recorded On FlipGrid

My Actual Speech If I Wasn't Clear Enough
Technology shouldn’t be in schools, there are many reasons why. A lot of children decide to not follow along with their work, but instead they choose to do things that they would rather do, e.g play games, email their friends, etc. Technology can take away the time that children have to learn when technology randomly doesn't work the way it’s supposed to. There are many many commands that children don’t understand, if they trigger these inputted commands, it could lead to a series of events. Their computer, iPad or phone can mess up easily any time when not used the correct way. They’re also really expensive, and that can change the way a child’s living conditions are. A lot of families cannot afford these expensive, fragile items. Handwriting as well is something that has affected the original education system. Children have forgotten about their old way of learning, and it has changed what they previously knew. The possibility of children learning digitally is not a complete set of education to the child.

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