Thursday, 31 August 2017

Maths: Making 3 Dimensional Shapes

L.I: To create my own 3D shape with a different capacity from volume

This week for maths, we created our own 3 dimensional shapes. Last week we created a plan as to how we would create these shapes, and now it was the time to put the parts together. My shape I created was a pentagonal prism, with a capacity different to it's volume. The way we created these shapes was to use a net (An unfolded 3D shape) that we would fold to make our 2D net turn into a 3D shape. Our net needed to include small tab, which we would glue on, and press onto the sides to allow the shape to hold together. The next part to our work was to create an instructional video that showed people how to make one of these shapes. For this part I worked with Alex (Who voiced the video), Julian (Who was acting / folding in the video), and I was recording and editing the video.

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