Thursday, 31 August 2017

Inquiry: Hauora Animation

L.I: There Was No Learning Intension

This week for inquiry, we had to make animation/s or video/s that showed people about what Hauora is to people. What I had done for this weeks work was create an animation, and I made a single animation that showed all of the parts for Hauora. This animation I've made is my longest animation, and I think the best animation I've made so far. I had a lot of fun making this animation, and how it's turned out is what I like the most.


  1. Jack this is an amazing product of your learning. I know how long this took you to put together and it is well worth it. Great job!

  2. Hi Jack

    This is an amazing job. I can tell you put a lot and a lot of effort into that. Congratulations that you finished a long animation.

    Keep Up The Amazing Work!

  3. Hi jack

    I had learned a lot from you keep up the AMAZING work!