Friday, 18 August 2017

KiwiCan: KiwiCan Wk 4

This week for KiwiCan, we learnt about self control. We did two activities within our KiwiCan time, and I enjoyed every bit of it. The first activity was Bip Bob Bounce, and the rules were simple. Get into a circle, and one person with be in the middle. The centre person would point at any person around them, and either say Bip Bob Bounce, or Bounce. If the phrase Bip Bop Bounce is said, whoever is pointed at will have to say bang before the phrase is finished, although when you're pointed at and just the word bounce is said, you have to stay quiet. The second activity was GKQ (General Knowledge Questions). For GKQ, a group of people would stand up, and a question would be asked. There would be a buzzer for each KiwiCan session, and for this session our buzzer was turn around, touch the the ground, Bip, Bop, Bounce.

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