Friday, 25 January 2019

Summer Learning Journey: Day 2 : Week 2 | Activity 3

Today I completed the third activity to day 2 of week 2 for the Summer Learning Journey. For this activity, we needed to visit this website HERE and choose 2 different plants to find 3 similarities, and 3 differences between the two. The two plants I chose was the baseball plant, and the white baneberrry plant.

Similarities:    1. They are both toxic     2. They both have an average height under 100cm.      3. They both last only a few years on average.

Differences:   1. Only the Baneberry plant has berries growing on it.     2. The Native Americans used the White Baneberry plant as poison.     3. The baseball plant grows flowers while the White Baneberry does not.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jack!

    You have done some awesome work with this activity - I like hwo you have clearly numbered and titled your similarities and differences, this makes it really easy for your reader to understand and follow! :)

    These are some pretty interesting plants huh?!
    I like that it is called the baseball plant - it really does look like a baseball!
    The White Baneberry plant sounds a little scary - the berries look so tasty but they're poison, uh-oh!
    What made you pick these two plants? Was it the way they looked or something else?

    Thanks for sharing some great information on these plants Jack - Was really cool for me to read and learn!

    Nga mihi,
    Ellee :)