Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Summer Learning Journey: Week 1 : Day 2 | Activity 3

Today I completed the 3rd activity to day 2 of the first week of the Summer Learning Journey. For this activity, we are set in the scenario that we have a cactus and have to give it 3ml's of water every day for a whole year. Our job is to calculate how much water that would take in millilitres, and give an explanation.

Answer: 1095ml of water.

Explanation: 3 x 365 = 1095.
                     3 x 5 = 15
                     3 x 60 = 180
                     3 x 300 = 900
                     900 + 180 + 15 = 1095


  1. Hello Jack! I'm glad to see you catching up with the Summer Learning Journey activities this holiday. Good job on working out the cactus equation. I like that you showed the behind maths to get your answers as well. Do you think you would be able to take care of a cactus for a year after knowing this? Keep it up!

  2. Greetings Jack,
    Well done for completing another task on the Summer Learning Journey. I hope you enjoyed your summer break. I really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Thank you so much for sharing your answer. I also appreciate you for putting your strategy for us to see what strategy you have used. I also have the same answer.

    Was this activity hard or easy?


  3. Hi Jack,
    Great job on completing this activity! I liked how explained the equation and the process you used to solve clearly. It looks liked cacti don't need much water to survive, since 1 litre isn't that much water. If you could have a cactus, would you want to?

  4. Hi Jack,
    What a simple strategy on how to solve this! It looks like you have really been paying attention in maths and work hard while doing it. You've gottn this answer completely correct, and I love your strategy. Breaking up the numbers is very simple, and very effective as well.

    What is your favourite subject in school?

    Happy Blogging
    Gargee HPS
    (Work fast, at 12 midnight the SLJ ends!)

  5. Hi Jack!

    My name is Ellee I am another commentor on the Summer Learning Journey team!
    I hope you have had an awesome school holidays? :)

    You have done a fantastic job with this activity -
    You have explained your working very clearly and done an excellent job at using the place value method! Ka pai :)
    Did you learn that in school last year? Do you enjoy Maths?

    I can't believe a cactus only needs a little over a litre of water to survive a whole year! Woah - I drink that in one day! :)

    Great job here Jack :)

    Nga mihi,
    Ellee :)