Sunday, 20 January 2019

Summer Learning Journey: Day 4: Week 1 | Activity 1

Today I completed the first activity for day 4 of week 1 for the Summer Leaning Journey. For this activity, we needed to set ourselves in the situation that we were interviewing Sir Edmund Hillary. During the interview we could ask any 5 questions to him. What would we ask him?

1. Did you ever think that you would make a name for yourself by such a great achievement?
2. What did you miss most from home when climbing?
3. What motivated you to push yourself to such an extreme mission.
4. Was there any inspiration leading to this challenge?
5. Was the trip exciting, or was it terrifying knowing how dangerous the climb could be?


  1. Hello Jack,

    I'm Evelyn and I am working with the Summer Learning Journey team for 2018-2019 to read and follow amazing blog posts like yours! I am so excited to read what pops into that wonderful brain of yours and hope you are having fun on this journey!

    You have really taken the time to think about some of these questions, terrific work. I love that you have thought about questions that are related to what Sir Edmund Hillary does. I also wonder what motivated him to keep going and not give up, I think it would be interesting to know his answer. These questions are very well thought out, I think Sir Edmund Hillary would need some time to think about his answers - you have given him a good challenge!

    Happy blogging,
    Evelyn :)

  2. Hello Jack! Your questions sound very interesting and intriguing to know the answers to. If I'd accomplish what Sir Ed had, I would be overly proud of myself. I would feel as if I had conquered the impossible. How would you feel if you were in Sir Edmund Hillary's shoes? Keep it up!

  3. Greetings Jack,
    Well done for completing another task on the Summer Learning Journey. I hope you enjoyed your summer break. I really enjoyed reading your blog posts. I really like how you posted a picture of Sir Edmund Hillary, I also like your questions. I agree with Evelyn. He might take the time to answer your questions.

    How would you feel if he answers your question?


  4. Hi Jack,
    Great job on completing this activity! I liked how you asked questions about things like motivation and inspiration. I find it interesting that even back then, people were still able to do amazing things. If you could, would you want to climb Mount Everest?