Friday, 25 January 2019

Summer Learning Journey: Day 1 : Week 2 | Activity 2

Today I completed the second activity for day 1 of week 2 for the Summer Learning Journey. For this activity, we are given a free ticket to the Lake Taupo Cycle Race. We are allowed to bring 3 people to act as our support crew. Who will we bring, and why? I would bring my family which includes my mum, dad, and brother. I would choose them as they support me through every big moment I go through, and I would want them to see me, as it would encourage me to go further.


  1. Greetings Jack,
    Well done for completing another task on the Summer Learning Journey. I hope you enjoyed your summer break. I really enjoyed reading your blog posts. I really like how you choose your 2 parents and your older brother. I also like how you included a simple picture for others to see.

    Do you have any other siblings?


  2. Hey Jack,

    WOW, this looks amazing you have put great effort into the summer learning journey program I think all of your blog posts are fascinating but I as interested in this one because it has a lot of specific information about the Taupo cycle race. The picture describes a lot about what is happening. Great work Jack keep achieving goals through the summer.

  3. Hi Jack!

    You have a great Taupo Race Team!! Sounds like you will be riding an awesome race :)
    It's cool to hear you would pick all family too - FAMILY POWER!!
    I am glad you have people on your team that will keep your morale high - that's really important when you're getting tired aye - I am sure they would be cheering for you the whole time :) Dream Team!!

    Do you think you would like to train up for the Taupo race one day? It's a loooong way to go - how long do you think you would have to train for?

    Great work with this activity Jack!

    Nga mihi,
    Ellee :)