Thursday, 28 February 2019

KiwiCan: Week 4

Yesterday we had our week 4 session of KiwiCan. In this session, we learnt about Tone Of Voice. Your tone of voice is the way you say something, an example of this is an uninterested voice, where it seems you do not care about something. Our topic this term for KiwiCan is Positive Relationships, and our theme is Positive Communication. Our energiser yesterday was a game called Fruit Salad. For this game, there were 4 different actions, with a call-out to match up with it. The first, Apple (Shake your hips to the left), followed by Pear (Shake your hips to the right), then Watermelon (Shake your hips back), and finally Banana (Shake your hips forward). Someone would be saying these randomly, trying to trick the players. Next came our activity. Our activity was called Positive, Negative Role play. For this game, we were put into 4 groups, and were given a single card for our group. On the card there would be a scenario, and we would have to make it a negative outcome. In my group, there was Matthew and I, who played 2 brothers who just baked cookies. Marieta and Angela played the 2 parents, and Sakina and Alice played the mean cousins. For our act, Matthew and I brought cookies that we made to our cousins, and we go to play. They then throw them calling them disgusting, while Marieta and Angela tell them to apolagise.

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