Thursday, 21 February 2019

KiwiSport: Week 3

Today, we had our second session of Ki o Rahi. For this lesson we learnt how the game of Ki o Rahi works, and played a game of golden child to understand where each team goes. There are two teams in the game, the Taniwha, and the Ki o Ma team. One teams role is to defend the centre, while their team mates run around the circle hitting each pou pole with a ball. The other teams role is to hit the centre with another ball to stop the person running. Although if you are playing Ki o Rahi in the style of golden child, then the running team will have one final person who is called the Golden Child, and they then run around the circle, and when they pass someone frozen they follow along. We had a lot of fun today playing golden child, and are all excited to play the real game of Ki o Rahi next week.

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