Thursday, 7 March 2019

Read Theory

This morning, we started any normal day by reading stories on Read Theory. Our challenge was to finish the tests in just 15 minutes, and create a blog post to show our progress. The story that I read today was called A Cold From The Cold. This story was a grade 9 story proving otherwise against the commonly believed myth that cold temperatures cause you to become sick. In the end I managed to miss just one question, so I stay on grade 9. The highest grade I've managed to reach is grade 11, so I hope that I can make it to that grade once again.


  1. Hi Jack I see you are using Read Theory I like to do Read Theory too. I like how you got all your answers right. Keep up the good blog posts and I will be glad to comment on you blog again some time.

  2. Greetings Jack, I like the way you have done a great job on doing your read theory. I play read theory like you and I some times get a tick I will be commenting on your blog other times.