Monday, 11 March 2019

Writing: Term 1 Explanation Writing Assessment

Last week, we along with a partner have been looking over our writing samples for term 1, and
we created a self and buddy evaluation to mark our work ourselves. To do this, we needed to rate
each important trait of writing from R1 - R6 (And sometimes R7). Each rating meaning you are capable of
more. My partner for this task was Alex. It was interesting to see each others work, as we both gave each
other coincidentally the same marks. To figure out what marks to give, we were given a Writing Rubric.
On this rubric, we could see a new slide for every different feature of writing. On each slide, you would be
shown different ratings, and under each rating, a short sentence would be there telling us what we needed to
know in order to be given that certain rating. I really enjoyed this exercise, as I learnt what I need to
implement into my writing in order to get a better score.

Self and Buddy Evaluation:

Sentence Structure
Structure and Language
R5 - R6
R5 - R6


The Rubbish Rampage!

Rubbish! It has been a problem for many years now, and although solutions have been
put into place it is not enough for the all seeing plastic to be stopped! Plastic is a cheap
material that many products are made up of. You may think, “Well then, what’s so bad
if it is cheap?” Well may I inform you that there is a lot to go over.

While on the topic of plastic being cheap, it is easy to create, and it can be found
anywhere you look. Plastic bottles, plastic action figures, plastic computer mouses!
Plastic is in everything, and because it is so common, where would it all go once not
needed? Landfills! What is a landfill? A landfill is a pile of thrown out rubbish that
trucks deliver the trash to. They are very common, and even end up making it to the

Speaking of which, sea life is affected by this, resulting in animals mistaking something
as innocent as a plastic bag for a jellyfish! Sea turtles are well known for their deep
diving, common appearances, and being one of the victims of the Rubbish Rampage.
Many sea creatures have been found stuck in the situation where plastic was the cause.
And it is shocking how often this issue takes place, and that even your rubbish may be
a turtles afternoon tea!

Some plastics even release toxins into our food and drinks, making a pretty bad tuna
sandwich. So how can this be stopped? There are a few solutions that may end up being
the hero of our planet that we never knew about. To reduce the amount of plastic bags
being used: Try bringing a reusable bag to your next shopping spree. Or try using your
plastic bags again. It doesn’t need to be single use. In fact, plastic bags last around 400
years until they break down as they are still biodegradable. Plastic bottles: Either save
them for another time, or spend a few extra dollars and get a metal cooling bottle. It ends
up saving the planet, and your cool drink.

Although all this won’t stop the rampage completely, anything you can do to save the
planet makes you too, a superhero. We can all be apart of saving the environment! So
get out there, and make a change.

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