Monday, 17 December 2018

Summer Learning Journey: Week 1: Day 1 | Activity 2

Today I completed the second activity for day 1, of week 1 of the Summer Learning Journey for 2018 and 2019. In this activity, we needed to describe Auckland, and where we live with different adjectives. This activity took very little time to complete. 

Auckland is a magnificent place. Known as the city of sails, with an attractive appearance, and great views, it can be called a great place to be apart of. I live in Pakuranga, and I love it there. We have elegant facilities, and great people in the community. I am always eager to get out into the community and see what I can do that's new to me, or exciting. I live right in front of the Tamaki River, and when the tide is up it's the best to go for a swim.


  1. Hi Jack
    I like how you write about your home town. I really like how you said the view are beautiful and I like how you talk about your home town.
    Keep it up Jack.

  2. Hi, Jack Nice to see that your working on your next activity. What I really think you should do is to put everything you learned on a Google Drawing. I also like how you wrote about your hometown Auckland.

    Joshua, Have a Nice Summer

  3. Hey there Jack, my name is Billy. I am from the Summer Learning Journey programme. Congratulations on making a positive start to your break, completing activities to a high standard.

    I am originally from Auckland but in June I moved to London, England. So I am currently writing to you from the other side of the world. Pretty cool, right?

    Thanks for completing this activity. I loved reading words like 'elegant' and 'eager', you have a wide vocabulary. Keep it up!

    Do you think you might ever want to live overseas in another city? If so, where do you think you might want to live?

    Thanks, Billy.

  4. Hi Jack,
    Living in Pakuranga sounds really interesting, and being able to swim whenever the tide's up sounds really fun. Do you know if there are any other interesting things in Pakuranga?
    Keep posting!