Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Our Trip To The Sky Tower

Today our class, along with a few others visited Auckland city to learn about the infamous Sky Tower. This may just seem like a cool trip that we had to pay a small fee for, but you'd be wrong as we were kindly funded this trip by Mr Douglas Bates. Because of his kind act, we along with Learning Space 1 and Room 5 learnt so much about our iconic structure. We learnt such things as the glass we were standing on was a whole 38mm thick! Also that the Sky Tower's weight is equivalent to 6,000 elephants! There are over 70 floors in the Sky Tower, and we only visited roughly 15% of it! The main part of the trip was visiting the main observing floor, which is floor 51. From here, you can see people bungee jumping off from the top, and at least 80km of land at every direction. While we were up here, we all had a little challenge for ourselves. We were all given a little booklet with blank boxes, with arrows pointing at a landmark. All around us were hand rails with information on them about nearby landmarks. Our challenge to figure out what to put in each blank box. I had a lot of fun learning a whole bunch today, and I believe that everyone else did too.

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