Monday, 6 August 2018

HIIT: Week 3 | Session 1

Today, we had our first session for the third week of HIIT for term 2. For today's session, our exercises were high knee sprints, tap step, mountain climbers, and start jumps. We did this rotation in 4 lines of five, and ended up doing it at least 6 times each. We would do each exercise for 20 seconds, and have a 10 second break. This session of HIIT, we definitely managed to get puffed, as that is the goal for this whole program. Constantly, we were energised, and hard working to push our limits, and improve our previous records. I don't know what our next exercises will be, but I hope we will get just as energised.

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  1. Greetings Jack,
    What an astonishing blog post from you again. The image you've used looks good when it's in your blog post too. I like it how you've included the things you did in HIIT. Which exercise is your favourite?
    Well Done.