Monday, 20 August 2018

Maths Week: Scaled Drawing

Last week, we had our very own maths week. In this week, the whole school would leave their everyday work, and focus just on maths. This includes any type of maths. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. Although our class decided to do even more, scaled drawing. If you are not aware as to what scaled drawing is, basically you would have found an image to draw. This image would then be printed, and have grid lines drawn around the image. Next you would draw the exact same amount of boxes on a piece of paper. Although we would enlarge the size of these boxes to 2cm. That is it! The enlargement ratio of our drawing was 1:2, being 1cm grid lines converted into 2cm grid lines. Giving us the scale factor of 2. This was my, (Along with all other year 7's) first time doing this, so it was a challenge for most of us. All together, it took most people from Monday, to Thursday. Although there were still a few that needed to be completed on Friday. We spent every block of last week working on these drawings, and helping the other people the really needed it. Once we had finished drawing our image, we moved onto colouring it in just so that it looked as stunning as it could. Colouring took around the same amount of time as drawing the image. That is if people were doing a really good job at making sure there were no white spaces. The final thing to do now, was to place the image on a sheet of A3 coloured paper. Along with a label displaying our name, and the words scaled drawing, and 1:2 Enlargement. Now that mine has been completed, I am really proud of myself. Altogether, my favourite part has to be my body. The reason being that I made sure to keep it as symmetrical as possible. Along with the shading underneath the body. Next year, I will make sure that I choose something a bit more challenging and detailed, as I completed this one rather quickly. What I found most challenging in this activity was the colouring. I say this because I needed to make sure that not a single white space was left. I had a lot of fun drawing my scaled drawing this week, hopefully I have an even better time next year.

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