Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Maths: M&M's Presentation

Last week, we were given a small challenge. Our challenge was to collaboratively work with a group to produce a presentation about the chocolate lollies M&M's. We were assorted into groups for this task, so I was put with Mele, Fraidon, Junior, and Jaydon. To start this all off, we had to do some statistical work. First each and every one of us would make a prediction how many M&M's we thought were inside of a 45g packet. Next we would vote on which M&M colour was our favourite. This could be because it looked appealing to the eye, or maybe you have only tasted one colour. Whatever the reason, we all made our votes. Next we would go onto finding our results. As a group, we would open and sort out a packet of M&M's, and place each colour in a vertical line to make a bar graph with only M&M's. Although what would we do with the M&M's later? There is only one way, eat them. Now with our chocolate filled mouths we would begin bringing this all together. Using this data that we had collected, we would all create a pie chart, and a bar graph showing what we found. We would then place the two onto the google presentation. Next we had to go surfing through the internet to make a brief history on M&M's. This would then be prepared onto the presentation in bullet points. If you thought that was it, then you'd be wrong, as now we were asked to find a lists of interesting facts based on M&M's.Many people found many different facts. So many, that we eventually had the same ones. Finally, we ended it all off by comparing our data to what the MARS company (The founders of M&M's) had to say about how many of each colour they put into a packet. What we needed to do was use our findings of data to compare what they say about their packets, to what we got.

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