Friday, 27 July 2018

Inquiry: Career Questionnaire

Today, each and every one of us in LS2 took a quick questionnaire to see what career we could possibly do in our future. We used a website named Career Quest, to take the test. In this test, you will have answered 78 questions asking how interested you would be in doing a certain topic as a job. The test takes around 15 - 20 minutes, and gives you a series of careers depending on your answers. Next we would chose one of the careers that we liked, and share your thoughts with someone with the same results. There were quite a few careers that did interest me, but one that I am still passionate about doing is an Animator/Digital Artist. Sanujan and I ended up with the same results, so we looked around the website for some facts about the job, and how well the payroll is. Finally, we would share to the class the career we chose, and the pay it goes for a year. This was an interesting task for us, although we will be revisiting this task at the end of today.

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