Monday, 21 May 2018

Writing: Using Our Punctuation To Create A Conversation

This week for writing, our task was to create a fake iphone conversation using With this website, you can simply create a fake conversation. The reason why we did this was because we were going over our punctuation, and this would be a fun excersice. Once we had finished creating this, we were to write the conversation down in a story format. Meaning that after each sentence, whenever someone new began to speak, what they say will be on a new line. This was an individual task, but a really fun one.

"Hey Michael!" Karma exclaimed.
"Hey Karma." Michael replied.
"How are you man?" Karma asked.
"Good thank you, how about you?" Michael replied.
"Great! Do you want to hang out with Willis and I?" Karma questioned.
"Sure, when and where are we meeting?" Michael asked.
"Meet us at Central Park at 12:30." Karma informed.
"Ok, see you there." Michael said.
"Ok, seeya." Karma replied


  1. Hello Jack, what a wonderful conversation. I really enjoy reading it. It was really fun creating our own messages on a fake iPhone. I have done the same thing but is way different from yours. I cannot find anything wrong and out of place with your conversation so I think you have done a great job. Keep it up!

    1. Hi Ofa,
      Thank you for commenting on my blogpost. It's great to see that you like my work. I checked your blog, and saw your amazing post on this topic as well. Quite the job done well I must say. It's great that nothing is out of place, quite funny considering that your post is the same with everything being great.
      Thank you, and have a great day.

      - Jack

  2. Greetings Jack,
    I've done the same task as you too. I like the way you've used different types of words to make your messages sound better. I also like the way you've added a clear image of the messages your wrote to your friend Karma. Did you enjoy this activity?
    Excellent Work.

  3. Hi Jack,
    I think your Punctuation work is awsome!. I like how you creativly made up some places like Willies and I. I haven't spoted any mistakes on your blog post so well done. I have also created something like this but about movies. What was your favourite part about this learning?.

  4. Hello Jack. What a fantastic conversation you've created. I like the fact that you've called your characters Karma and Michael. I've created a similar conversation to yours, however my characters have very unfamiliar names.
    Well Done
    Keep it Up

    Yours Sincerely