Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Reading: Memorial

This week for reading, our activity was to read a Sophisticated Picture Book named Memorial. As story written by Gary Crew, and Illustrated by Shaun Tan. We were asked to make a presentation with a partner that had multiple slides, each with something different. We were then to choose one of those slides to post on our blog, with a link to the original full presentation Here. On the slideshow, you can see a heading that explains what subject of the story we are talking about. For this activity I worked with Sanujan. I chose him because we work really well together, and manage to come up with the same ideas.

Chosen Slide:

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  1. Hi Jack!
    I'm Danielle from Glen Taylor School. I love the slide that you created with Sanujan. I like your diagram of the characters in the sophisticated picture book that you took a look at. I also like how in your diagram you included just enough information so the reader knows who the characters are but you didn't add too much information.
    -Danielle =)