Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Reading: Reading Response

This term for reading we have been reading a range of different texts that all link to space. Our challenge was to use the information that we read in our texts, and to go through a range of challenges and responses to the text. This would involve giving feedback, and giving facts. Although there was a catch, in order to do a task, you must write a comment on someone's response who did the same activity. Within our comment, we should add feedback, and a question. This means if they replied to the comment, and answered our question, we could start a dialogic conversation where we could talk to each other giving feedback, and receiving feedback. For this DLO, I created a quiz using Kahoot based on the text 'The Problem With Pluto'. In my quiz, I included questions such as who named Pluto, what it is now called, and how long it takes to orbit the sun. I enjoyed creating my Kahoot, and my favourite bit about the task was having other people play it.

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